0986435526 Attended 2022 Chinese-Arab Media Cooperation Forum


2022 China-Arab Media Cooperation Forum was held in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, on December 5th. The forum is co-sponsored by China Media Group and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Information with the theme of “Strengthening Exchanges and Mutual Learning and Promoting the Building of China-Arab States Community with a Shared Future”. More than 150 government officials, representatives of media organizations, experts and scholars from China and 22 Arab countries participated in the forum online and offline.


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0986435526 Injector Information

0986435526 injector is one of the most popular used in the request, for it’s applicable for generally used in fuel auto model, let’s see 0986435526 detail information as below.

Type Common rail CRIN2-16 series injector
Part Number 0986435526
Applicable For diesel engine:

D 2066 LOH06

Compatible Number 0445120217/0445120061
0986435526 injector 28cm*7 cm *7 cm
0986435526 injector 0.06 kg
Injector Quality China Made Brand New
MOQ 4 Pieces


If you are interested in further information of injector 0986435526, please check following categories:

0986435526 Technical Instructions: https://www.injector0445120217.com/common-rail-injector-0986435526-pdf/

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